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Accept Your Bitcoins Now with Bitcoin Payment Gateway

As the internet has become a common thing in the world, Bitcoin also becomes online payment options as well. We used to credit cards or debit cards as our online payment options, and bitcoins was quite unpopular back in the day. However, nowadays we could start to see that more and more online shopping platforms and websites are accepting bitcoins as their payment options. So, do you ever wonder how to add this option into your own site?

Bitcoin payment gateway is the one you need to enable this payment option. There are so many gateways you can use for your site, but here are some popular options which are commonly used by people and less risk of being hacked.


Unquestionably, the oldest also the pioneer of bitcoin payment gateways is this one. Ever since bitcoin is known to the public, this gateway service introduced itself in early 2011. What it can offer you is integrations with more than 40 platforms of e-commerce. You have less to worry about which platform you are using because of its huge coverage. Besides, this gateway has the point of sale system and able to convert your bitcoins into 8 different fiats. What is more interesting, you can turn your bitcoins into bank deposits in 38 different countries.


This gateway enables your business to accept bitcoin or altcoin, and you can choose to receive payouts in USD, EUR, or BTC. just like the other payment gateway, they also provide their support to business needs like plugins for e-commerce. You can also use this service to provide payment buttons for different platforms like iOS, Android, and of course websites. Besides Bitcoin, this service also accepts Altcoin payments with Shapeshift integration.

If we talk about the oldest players of Bitcoin players, then this is one of them. Besides enabling you to receive bitcoin payments, they also provide bitcoin api for either personal or business needs. The gateway is indeed trustworthy and one of the best in the market regarding their vast experience in the market. However, they don't have any plugins which are ready to use, yet. If you happen to know programming language, you can still use their bitcoin payment processor, integrating it for free and gain access to their free Bitcoin wallet.

Each bitcoin payment gateway has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which one is suitable for your need. Remember to use only the trustworthy ones because we are dealing with quite a lot sum of money here.