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Biggest Companies Who Are Early Adopters of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has reached another phase of adoption, with the majority of the big companies using it. Nowadays, the adoption of digital currency has become the latest trend.

Most of the big companies are early adopters of this coin. They have been using the coin for a long time now. The few companies which took the risk are now reaping the benefits.

Looking at the current success and adaptability of Bitcoin, more and more businesses and startups are using it. Most tech-savvy people and investors hold this coin in their digital wallet, which makes it an ideal mode of payment.

While some businesses are adoption Bitcoin for marketing, others are doing it with the sheer benefits it provides. The truth is that even though the currency is unstable, there are many benefits of using it for commercial purpose.

Bitcoin Adoption: Biggest Companies Who Accept Bitcoin

Here are some of the biggest companies that accept Bitcoin for their businesses. Some of the companies are early adopters of the coin.

•    Microsoft:
This well-known tech company is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin. They have been accepting this coin since 2014. If you want to make any purchase from the Xbox Store, you can do it via Bitcoin. However, due to the volatility of the currency, they have paused the service. As of now, they are using it for store credits only. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has often shown his support for the coin. He states that this currency is better than fiat currency.

•    Home Depot:
It is a well-known hardware store in the USA. You can visit this store and purchase any of the hardware items using Bitcoin. The best thing about this store is that there are no limits. They have Flexa’s checkout system through which they accept the payment in cryptocurrency. It provides smooth and hassle-free transactions. If you want to build or renovate your home, you can do it by purchasing all the tools and materials using Bitcoin.

•    Starbucks:
This popular coffee and beverage brand started using Bitcoin late in 2020. They initially planned to adopt the coin for payment from 2019 but later shifted it to 2020. They don’t accept direct payment but with the help of the Bakkt app. Now, you can get your favourite coffee by making the payment in Bitcoin.

•    AT & T:
It is one of the biggest network providers in the USA. It is the first telecom company to start using Bitcoin. If you are using this network, you can make all the payments using this coin. After this company, Virgin Mobile also started using digital currency for payment.

•    Twitch:
Bitcoin has reached a streaming platform as well. It is a video streaming platform where gamers play online games and broadcast them online. There are viewers who stream gaming videos. If you love to stream gaming videos, you can pay the subscription charges using Bitcoin. It will help you support the gamers and streamers.

•    Wikipedia:
It is a non-profit online encyclopedia where you will find details about everything. This organization doesn’t indulge in any commercial transactions, but you can still support them using Bitcoin. It accepts donations using digital currency. Recently, the company needed funds from supports where people were encouraged to make donations using Bitcoin.

•    Overstock:
This American retailer sells furniture. You will find all types of home décor items in this store. It is the biggest supporter of Bitcoin. Apart from accepting BTC for payment, it also accepts other cryptocurrencies. This company is also involved in holding BTC. They play an important role in Bitcoin adoption. Unlike other companies, they are using BTC for supporting the community. When you make a purchase from this store, you can pay money online using Bitcoin.

•    Namecheap:
If you want to purchase a domain name for your website or online business, you can do it with this company. They accept the payment in BTC. You can also go with their hosting services. They offer all the services at an affordable rate. Currently, there are 11 million users who use this service.

•    Whole Foods:
It is a grocery retail store where you can shop all the whole food products. They use the Spedn app to accept payment in BTC. You can use different types of cryptocurrencies to make the payment. You can purchase food items from this store with Bitcoin. Apart from this store, there are several other merchants who use the coin as a mode of payment.

•    Lolli:
It is an online platform that helps you to earn free Bitcoin. You just need to add your credit card to this platform and make payment using it. There are different stores gives on this platform where you can make a purchase. Once you make the payment, you will earn free BTC in return. Some of the stores on this platform are Jet, Walmart, Overstock, Macy’s, Godaddy, etc.

This is another online platform where you can use Bitcoin. However, here you need to make the payment using BTC to earn rewards. You just need to make the purchase from online retailers and make the payment using BTC. The best thing is that you can use them to purchase products from Amazon. You just need to use this app and select the product from Amazon. It will find someone who will make the payment using an Amazon gift card. After that, you make the payment to the purse, and it will give the digital currency to the person.
If you have Bitcoin, you can use it to purchase gift cards. This online platform supports 140 merchants. So even if they don’t support BTC, you can still use this website to purchase the card using BTC. 

•    Tesla:
Recently Tesla made a huge purchase of Bitcoin. They are going to start using BTC for car payments. Currently, they don’t offer the service. It is still under process.

•    KFC Canada:
This food outlet has started accepting BTC as a form of currency to make payment. Now, you can purchase your favourite KFC burgers using digital currency.

These are some of the biggest companies which support Bitcoin adoption. They have started using the coin for commercial transactions.