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Safely Convert Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin seems to be at the peak of cryptocurrency, with the exchange rate at more than US$ 6.500 per coin. This is less than half of what it used to worth back in 2017. Nevertheless, there are more cryptocurrencies coming as a comparison to Bitcoin but there are none could come close to its exchange rate. Bitcoin API helps people to manage their transactions as well as gaining control over their investment on the internet. As more and more websites and online stores start to use bitcoin as their payment option, bitcoin payment gateways become an option for people who want to get ahold of this currency. However, do you really know how to safely convert your bitcoin into the currency you want to use? Here are some tips which could be useful for your reference.

Make sure to always compare and choose the best one.

Although the payment gateways offer you the same services, their conversion rate should differ from one another. One service could give you as much as $6.500.- , for example, and the other could give you $6.650.- Then, by any means, you should not choose the lower one. Most people easily get satisfied with lots of zeros behind a number but remember that you might get more if you just preserve a little.

Select the conversion service with lower fees

As mentioned above, various services could offer you various tariff for their fees. Always check what they have in their hands to offer you, to make sure you get more profits. Some services even dare to charge twice the average fees because most people just don't pay enough attention to this, particularly “small” matter. Make sure you are careful enough so that you won't get tricked by ridiculous conversion fees.

Safety is number one

In case you haven't realized yet, there are quite a number of viruses which are designed to take over your bitcoin. They are planted in various website caches, and once they act, you won't realize that your coins are being “mined” from elsewhere until it is too late already. If you happen to find a malicious behavior in a bitcoin conversion site, get away a.s.a.p and choose the other, safer site.

Choose the shorter period

Some services offer you 2 days for a conversion, but services with better Bitcoin payment processor could handle much faster. Shorter time means better processing, so always choose the ones with a shorter period.