Bitcoin API: How to create a Bittrex account and trade with bitcoin API

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Welcome back to our website. Today's article is going to be a tutorial on how to register with your exchange and get your APIs. Here I’ll mainly talk about the exchange named Bittrex, which is a leading crypto exchange and very popular among the traders. So, without any further delay, let’s get us started.

Registering your account: For Bittrex, at first, I highly suggest you click on the star symbol at the top of your browser and save this website as a bookmark to your browser. If you are already registered with Bittrex International, go ahead and login there. If you're not, then you will need to sign up to start trading today. What you need is your email address, a password and confirm your password, click on sign up, then I would highly suggest saving your email and your password to your browser for the sake of convenience, unless of course if you’re using a public computer. If you don't feel comfortable with that, then make sure that you save your email and your password on a hard piece of paper and keep that somewhere safe. Now the email that you entered into your signup process, open that account, find the Bittrex registration email, and you need to verify your email. Just scroll down and click on the link below to verify your registration, it will take you to another tab, and here your email confirmation was successful. Now, you need to return to the login page, and you need to log in with your email address and your password. Go ahead and click on login, you need to agree to the Terms of Service here -  accept the terms. Once done, you're going to be on your profile page. Here, you have to create your profile and enable identity verification. Please complete the form there, make sure you put in your date of birth, country, street address,  apartment and register. Here your profile is almost done.

ID verification process: Now, you need to verify your identity here to finish up setting your profile up successfully. So click on “verify your identity”, and now you're going to start your ID verification. Start “ID verification,” click any of the options like passport, identity card or driver's license. There you have an option to “capture an image with your device camera” or you can simply “upload file from your device.” You need to choose a file - go to your file, upload your identity card, click continue, choose your “other file”, and you're going to upload the back of your card there – and “confirm” it. Now you need to upload an image of your face. Click on upload, click the image of a picture, go ahead and smile a little for the camera and confirm there. It will start checking image quality for ID verification, please don't close your browser, as this may take a while depending on the size of your file and how fast they process it. So now your documents are being verified, it should take up to ten minutes to process. You can reload the page to check your status now, and once it’s showing “verified,” you’re good to move on to the next step.

Two-factor authentication setup: What you need to do now is go to two-factor authentication there in your account, click on settings, and then two-factor authentication. Now what you need to do is make sure that you have the Google Authenticator - this is an app which you can get it on Google Play Store in your android phone, or in your iPhone and iPad too. Download the app and install it, the next thing you need to do is go to your Google Authenticator and you need to take a picture of the QR code from the site and the authenticator app is going to populate here your Bittrex authentication number. And you need to copy those six digits right there and make you save this security key. Copy it and put it somewhere safe on a hard copy, like on a paper, so if you do lose your Google Authenticator app (due to a crash or in case you need to hard-reset your phone), you'll be able to back it up with that key. So enable your two-factor authentication, and go to your email again - you need to verify the Bittrex two-factor authentication email here. And once you click on the verification link right there in that mail, that's going to open up a new tab for you, and you need to get your Authenticator app out again. Open the app, get the fresh new numbers and input your six digit code again on the page. Now you can enable your two-factor authentication.

Bitcoin API key setup: As your two-factor authentication is enabled now, you need to return Bittrex home page - that completes registration, getting verified, and getting your two-factor authentication enabled, now we're going to step right in to get your crypto or Bitcoin API keys. What you need to do next is click on your Settings button up here in the top right corner - once you've clicked the settings you need to click on your API keys at the left-hand side menu, and you need to click on add a new key. Once you have clicked on “add new key,” you need to enable the “read info” and “trade” button, and you need to save. Once you have saved you guys you need to enter your Authenticator code, and verify it and confirm it - once confirmed, you need to save it. Then what's going to pop up as your API keys and your secret key. What you do need to do now is you need to login into Arbistar 2.0, register there if you don’t have an account yet. Now, go to your personal bot tab, scroll down and click on personal bot access at the left-hand menu, and now you need to click on Bittrex and you need to enter your API key. You need to copy your API key to your clipboard, go back to Arbistar account, you then need to enter your API key in the field, and now you need to go back to Bittrex, copy your secret key and enter it into the secret key tab into the Bittrex. Now you need to save it into the exchange, and you should have a green checkmark available. That’s all. If you did something wrong, then go ahead and contact the support and they'll help you out the best they can.

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