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[2021-04-16 13:48:50]
We've just finished making our brand new API method to allow users who're struggling with setting up our system. Visit here to find out how to get started. Simply place the form on your order page, change the details to your desired details and when a customer checks out, they will be redirected to BlockchainAPI's checkout page where they can either complete the checkout or cancel and return to the sellers website. Any questions, contact a member of staff.
[2021-04-02 10:12:35]
Head over to our brand new shop to checkout BTC Giftcards! Buy in small or large. Always get the same value in return. Auto delivery to your email after 3 confirmations. Redeem the token when you like. Welcome to BlockchainAPI! We're here for you.
[2021-03-19 10:55:50]
We've found that a post variable was being requested in the callbacks inside our docs and guide pages. Please remove any $_POST['invoice_id'] from your code as we do not send data for this post value. We've just made a full test on our system, which tested every single element, and can now confirm, EVERYTHING is working perfectly. Sorry for any inconvenience!
[2021-03-16 17:14:12]
We have just completed an update which will hold huge masses of data in the future. We thought we'd do this now as we've seen a huge amount of users interact with BlockchainAPI.