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BlockchainAPI is now a fully FREE Bitcoin API. We will continue to run this service free of charge for users to use our Bitcoin API.


[2021-09-10 09:28:26]
You can now use BlockchainAPI for completely free of charge! 0% on all transactions! Happy bitcoining!
[2021-03-19 10:55:50]
We've found that a post variable was being requested in the callbacks inside our docs and guide pages. Please remove any $_POST['invoice_id'] from your code as we do not send data for this post value. We've just made a full test on our system, which tested every single element, and can now confirm, EVERYTHING is working perfectly. Sorry for any inconvenience!
[2021-03-16 17:14:12]
We have just completed an update which will hold huge masses of data in the future. We thought we'd do this now as we've seen a huge amount of users interact with BlockchainAPI.